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Advantage RV Repair Ltd.

Maintenance Services

Professional RV Repair & Maintenance Services in the Avalon Peninsula and up to Central Newfoundland

When it comes to RV repair and maintenance services in the Avalon Peninsula and up to Central Newfoundland, you can count on us to provide you with superior services that are competitively priced and trustworthy. We have state-of-the-art equipment and top-trained Real Seal technicians to service your park models, tent trailers, family bunkhouses, toy haulers, hybrids and more! We make a quick and accurate diagnosis of your RV and complete most jobs in a single day with total customer satisfaction. Whether you need waterproofing or complete bodywork, you'll always receive the best of care at Advantage RV Repair. What's more? We honour all warranty work and accommodate any type of problem that may arise with your RV in a timely manner. We'll even process your insurance claims!

Can't Come To Us? We'll Come To You!

When you choose Advantage RV Repair for maintenance services, you can sit back and relax because you don't need to come to us. Just contact us, and we'll come to your location with RV repair equipment. Advantage RV Repair can handle any job, big or small, from emergency repairs to bodywork and delamination.

Winterize & Warranty Inspection

Get complete annual winterization services on the same day from our trained and authorized technicians. We check:

Electrical system checks
RV lights
Monitor panel
System voltage
Converter operation shore cord
Circuit breakers and more

Professional Roof Maintenance and Waterproofing

All RVs require this service every six months, and insurance companies will require proof for a claim. We will provide you with the evidence so that the amount is reimbursed. We offer services such as:

Remove nests, bugs, webs, etc.
Clean the entire rubber roof with factory approved materials
Use factory-approved UV for shielding
Protect rubber membrane from future damage by blocking product treatment
Re-seal if needed

Water System Total Check-Up

We recommend getting your RV inspected for a water system check before leaving for long trips. We offer several services such as:

Water pump diagnosis and operation
Checking holding tanks
Thorough water line pressure test
Checking all faucets
Checking freshwater storage
Monitoring all gate valves etc.

Water Heater Services

When the winter season comes, you don’t want to freeze yourself while on the road. It is why we recommend you get your RV inspected for water heater service before the winter season hits. We offer services such as:

Removing nests, bugs, webs, etc.
Inspect condition of anode rod or suggest replacement
Check relief valve
Adjust the heater’s burners & electrodes
Inspect thermocouple
Inspect module boards
Inspect complete operation
Inspect burner assembly

Get RV Care and Maintenance Today

Leave your RV’s routine care and repair in the right hands.

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