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Advantage RV Repair Ltd.

Sealing & Waterproofing

Reliable Sealing and Waterproofing Services in the Avalon Peninsula and up to Central Newfoundland

Advantage RV Repair has decades of experience providing sealing & waterproofing services in all of the Avalon Peninsula and up to Central Newfoundland. We specialize in mobile leak prevention, detection & leak repairs for RV vehicles. All RVs and trailers, whether new or old, require maintenance inspection every year for weatherproofing seals and sealants and to prevent RV leaks. When you need a leak repair or sealant repair, we provide RV owners with faster, more convenient RV sealing and waterproofing!

We Come To You - Mobile Services

On-Site Testing Maintenance

Our mobile team can come to you. Our diagnostic water penetration testing, combined with a 2-hour physical examination helps us to fix leakages from the roof, sidewall trims, corner joint trims, window, door frames and all other vital areas. For some of the leaks that are not visible for inspection, testing equipment is required to locate them.


We have state-of-the-art equipment that helps us detect leaks in every nook and cranny. When hidden leaks go unnoticed, your RV will start to rot, the moulding starts and unhealthy living conditions will develop in your RV. If you live in high moisture and damp environments, both your RV and your family's health, comfort, and performance are even more at risk. We suggest routine vehicle inspections for a longer life span. 

pickup truck pulling a caravan

What We Do

man cleaning the exterior of the RV

Whenever you need an inspection for your RV, no need to bring your vehicle to our facility. Our mobile team can arrive at your location or driveway. We go beyond checking just the roofs and windows and inspect more than 50 different areas prone to leaks.

Reasons for Sealant Failure

Closeup of RV exterior metal body

RV sealants can wear out due to age, improper repair due to poor preparation, choice of sealant, and poor application. Therefore, you need regularly scheduled RV maintenance of the seals and sealants to make them waterproof.

State-of-the-art Technologies

RV washing in progress

We are always updated with the new technologies to perform our services, for total customer satisfaction. Whether it’s new testing equipment or repair products, we have them in our facility along with trained staff to save you from time-consuming repair services.

How We Check for Water Leaks?

We use SEALTECH 43O series to inspect water leaks in your RV vehicle. The SEALTECH 43O series works on the basic principle of an elementary fact: Air passing through an opening filled with a soapy water solution. The solutions form a bubble at the opening, and then the system draws outside air into the RV via the roof vent. The vent then disperses the outside air, creating a positive interior pressure.

Due to the pressure difference, the air flows outward through any skin faults. When you apply soapy water solution to faulty areas of the outer skin, it results in a visible bubble over each fault, thus preventing leaks.

Since each RV is built differently, we use an impeller RPM controller to permit control of airflow and pressure and an accurate, easily read differential pressure gauge. The power draw is 4.9 amps.

What's more, SEALTECH's 43O series also produces high airflow to equally distribute air pressure across the RV vehicle.

Does Your RV Need Leak Repairs?

Our experts can locate the leaks and get your RV waterproofed the first time.

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